Good Night Sweet Prince (TeamSpeak)

Since the migration to Discord has been so successful I’ve decided to pull the plug on the ‘ol TS server. We’ve had a long history with Teamspeak. Starting with actually finding and paying for a hosting service for all these weird internet people so we could organize in games better. Having members willingly crowd fund to keep it running. (Thank you!) Constantly expanding the service to accommodate all our members and other groups for raids, 100+ people at times! Figuring out how to set up a virtual cloud server and configuring Teamspeak to be hosted off it. (So much cheaper!) And finally the wildest part was actually submitting a request for a limited Non-Profit License from Teamspeak, configuring the site to meet their standards (Across store we hardly knew ye) and actually getting approval! (Free 512 person slot server license!)

You’ve served us well for the past 8 years TeamSpeak! Thanks for the memories!


FFXIV Update!

So awhile back we moved to Excalibur.  We don’t really have a Free Company anymore… It’s more like, we have a raid group with a linkshell.

We wen’t on our bi-annual camping trip which was really awesome!  We got to see some old and new faces which was a blast 🙂


It seems as though Across is in disarray with the absence of a new MMO and the void that has been created by FFXIV.


We have triumphed through so many games and content, and I know we will continue to do so throughout the years.


Woo! go us.


Across Status Update

April: Diabolos population takes a huge dip in activity, the search begins for greener pastures.

May: Across switches servers to Excalibur and sets shop as a linkshell allowing the community to branch out into different free companies and establish a new social network on the server.

June: Expansion Patch 3.0 hits! Awesome!

July: Across camping trip at Patrick’s Point State Park California: 15 attendees from across the U.S hailing from as far as the East coast!

August: Static downs Savage Alex 1

September: Static downs Savage Alex 2