Belated Turn 5 The Binding Coil of Bahamut Downed!

2/25/2014 Turn 5 The Binding Coil of Bahamut was downed by an all Across run!

Final Fantasy XIV Housing Slideshow

We sure have had a fun time working hard to make our FC’s housing looking unique. Here is a fun slideshow I put together highlighting our progress and the fun process that we have had making the housing our home!


Across Youtube Channel

In case some of you folks didn’t know, Across has a youtube channel which you can find here.  I use to just upload some of my personal gaming highlights/footage to my personal channel and keep them unlisted but I decided to add some of my older Tera videos to the Official channel.



First time Fight with Malgarios

Thanks Square Enix!


Happy Valentines Day!

Lets not suck

I as well as others have been a bit to slack when it comes to progression in this game and its honestly starting to get tiring.  This Saturday I am planning on running through all of the extreme mode primals ONCE.  I will not farm them, these runs are to get the weekly completion not the accessories.




The current slots/people who have expressed interest are:

Main tank: Monk

Offtank: Icup

Heals: Blur

DPS: Hyatt


The plan is to ask kimi to fill the final healing slot which leaves 3 open DPS slots, Feel free to mail me in game (Kalia Greyfeld)/in TS/reply here if you are interested.  Keep in mind this is for progression, so go watch a guide on the fights, I don’t want them to have to be explained before each attempt.  A time will be decided once we have our full 8 and see what works best, also keep in mind this is probably going to take a solid few hours of your time to complete so do not apply if you don’t have the determination.

Final Fantasy 20XIV ARR

Final Fantasy XIV New Years 2014

A New Years Final Fantasy news letter was spotted today on The Lodestone. Key mentions were: “PlayStation 4 is full steam ahead” which will lead to the DirectX 11 graphics engine update. Also mentioned was “We’re already waist deep in work for patch 2.2 as well. Leviathan is preparing to unleash his fury on Eorzea, new quests, items, and recipes are being added, and the Binding Coil of Bahamut will see additional twists and turns. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the keyword for 2.2 is looking to be “Maelstrom.” Your guess is as good as mine for that last bit. Sounds promising!

I’d like to thank all our members for being fairly awesome this past half year and I look forward to continue playing with all of you next year as well! A very special thanks to those you giving donations for the Across Mansion! Keep it up! We’re always looking for new ways to earn revenue so if you have an ideas speak up! Right now we have a new prospect of farming high level 8-man Maps and donating everything earned to the Free Company, it’s pretty fun! If you’re looking for a laid back group activity that helps the FC talk to Monk or Felorr. Feel free to ask about our other activities as well!

To those of you not too trashed to get on during National Hangover day expect new years resolutions and a rehash of horror stories of the worst things that we did/happened to us during 2013 on teamspeak! I can’t wait to hear Raymus’ new years resolution to not dissapear in 2014!

Have fun tonight guys! #YOLO

Thanksgiving Novembeard Quickie

As Novembeard draws to a close, I’d like to give my appreciation to those MANLY MEN who “didn’t afraid” of itchy and unmanageable scruff till the very end. From work beard masks to close shaves with job interviews, Across has never been more MAN than it has been this month. I implore you to check out the Across Facebook Fan Page to witness the progress and overall awesomeness that has sprouted over these past few weeks.

For you true Turkey loving patriots who follow non-maple syrup stained calendars – I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the next few weeks Across will be ramping up with activity in preparation for the 2.1 patch! Check in often to keep up with the latest updates! We’ll go over the information released this week shortly!

Group B / Adventure Time – Turn 4 Downed!

First week with new tanks running Bahamut’s Coil and turn 4 downed! Amazing job guys! The optimism levels are sky high with this new group!

No Shave Novembeard 2013

No Shave November



Join us!

Post pictures on the forums/facebook and keep everyone up to date with your progress!

All you have to do is not shave for the month of November!

Wow your family with your new found manliness on Thanksgiving!

Use it to help you stare people down at the stores during Black Friday!

Save money on scarfs this winter with your own natural face heater!

Tons of benefits and nothing to lose!

No Shave Novembeard – It’s cold outside, so why not cover up in the manliest way possible?