Coil Turn 4 Downed By Group 1

Congrats to my fellow party members on the Coil Turn 4 win and more specifically Blur for the necklace and Monk on the tank gloves. If you would like to check out the run the link can be found below

striking choker

Heavy gloves

Kill Video:

The Wind-up Cursor Minion

Wind-up Cursor Minion

A tribute to the minion nobody will ever use. Probably.



Well that was embarrassing, there was an issue with the captcha that prevented members from registering with the site. That’s been corrected. There is still a captcha issue with logging in through the forums which I am looking at, but may take time as I need to contact the people who actually made the forum software.

You may register and log in through the blog to post on the forums. Again I apologize and will try to get this corrected asap.

I’ve added a simple calendar to the site for a quick reference as to what Free Company bonus buff will be scheduled to be up on what day. The schedule is subject to change as more members progress and as I receive more feed back.

On another note:

If anyone is having trouble finding other Across members to organize runs at certain times we have a Facebook fan page that you can use to communicate with other members outside the game, or feel free to use our forums either on the Acrossx website, the lodestone forums or even on our Teamspeak. Last but not least, the Free Company chat is always open, you’re not bothering anyone by asking! We have many avenues of communicating with each other. So please make use of these tools.

Finally, those of you who are new to Across please take the time to read our doctrine. Its a good run down of who we are and who we strive to be. Hopefully it’ll give you a feeling that you belong.

Oops! Across turned Four years old last August – Happy late birthday!

Harness the inner Korean

Well, if I can’t be the first to 50 in the FC (thanks monk, xessos,kimi for that) I will be the first with 2 50’s. And with this, I can now chill on the leveling.


Open beta comes to a close

As you should all know by now the FFXIV:ARR open beta came to a close today (Aug 19th). We were able to recruit a fair amount of players as well as find some of our phase 3 recruits on our new server; Diabolos. Please keep in mind that Early Access should be starting on the 24th of this month and will be running right into official release. When Early Access hits we will be able to create the actual free company so just ask in linkshell chat for an invite to that.

By channeling my innner Korean gamer I was able to play most of the weekend with very little sleep and only really stopping due to the fact that I worked sunday. So how far did you guys get?



As stated previously the FFXIV Open Beta is scheduled to begin this weekend. Those who participated in previous betas will gain access to the open beta at 2am PST/PDT on the 16th this Friday. If you are participating for the first time for the Open Beta you be able to access the servers at 2am PST/PDT on the 17th this Saturday. The Open Beta will end on the 19th. Download the latest Phase 4 Client

The characters created during this beta will carry over and be playable for launch on the 27th. For those that pre-ordered you will be able to resume playing on your character on the 24th for early access.

Across will be on the Diablos server for Open Beta and launch. Feel free to jump on our teamspeak and say hello. We look forward to playing with you!

A new Final Fantasy XIV video from the SquareEnix of Japan Blog has been posted at the top of the page. Please enjoy. Also a new question captcha has been put in place to hopefully lower the amount of spambot sign ups. They’re simple questions that you just answer plainly in all lowercase letters. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live #8; Amidoingitright?


This past Letter from the Producer Live had a wide variety of information spanning from how YoshiP role plays as a high school girl, to the dates of Phase 4 and Early Access so lets just jump right in.

For the complete Q&A translation go here

Below is a list of what I found important out of the two and a half hour live letter;

-Fishing was displayed, from the looks of things its a very basic cast and reel RNG system with little interaction like the other craft/gathering classes. It was noted that fishing will not have a big impact on the economy so if you plan on doing this for Gil I would suggest something else.

-While as a fisherman it will display spots you can fish on the map, The size of the fish will also display once your reel it in. YoshiP also stated that what type of bait you use where/when will have a big impact on your success.

-Open beta is set for the 16th-19th (starts on the 17th for those who have not played the previous betas)

-The Level cap for open beta is set at level 20

-Early Access will be the 24-26th (They do not plan on shutting the servers down before release)

-Basic PvP will be in Phase 4 however none of the PvP specific skills will be implemented at this time. Full release of the PvP content is set for patch 2.1 (October)

-Arcanist was confirmed for Phase 4
>Pet doesn’t slowly drain MP like in XI
>Arcanist is a DPS class
>You have a skill to posistion your pet where you want
>3 Summoner egi at launch are Ifrit,Garuda,Titan. Ifrit is close range DPS, Garuda is long range magic DPS, Titan is a tank.

– There will be Paid server transfers available shortly after launch

– The smartphone/tablet app they are working on is called Libra Eorzea which will work like any other database site. The app will also be free for all XIV players.

– You will be able to change your hair style/color, face mark/color and beards with the Barber they plan on adding in Patch 2.1

– Bahamut’s labyrinth was said to involve 8 players

– Crystal tower is planned to use 24 players, this instance was pushed back to the 2.1 patch due to it being too difficult.

– Classes are said to get different mounts in class quests. YoshiP showed off a unicorn that WHM seems to get.

– YoshiP stated that it should take around 6 months before they start to allow/make official add-ons for the game

-Veteran rewards are also planned based on your sub time.
(30days) A floating Cursor minion and a character remodel ticket
(60days) Black swimware/”heat resistant” gear and a black chocobo chick
(90days) gets you a floating eye bat minion and a floating airman mount along with everything above.

So if you pay for 90 days right from the start you get everything right away, other then that you will have to slowly build up to them.

This concludes all the important info I summed up out of the last live letter. The full translation of the questions was linked up above so be sure to check those out when you have the time.

Three Must-See Quake III Matches Of QuakeCon 2013

This year’s QuakeCon kicked off yesterday, not just with John Carmack’s annual marathon keynote, but with some skillful Quake III duels.

In the finals of the winners’ bracket, two American gaming veterans, SK’s rapha and Evil Geniuses’ DaHanG, played a best-of-three on three different maps (dm13 never gets old!). They showed off some serious mind games and skill. We’ve got all three matches for you to watch here. The grand finals will happen later this weekend.

Quake III is almost as old as eSports itself, so the fact that it’s still alive—this weekend will be full of Quake madness—and evolves is just amazing. I can’t get enough of these super-precise railgun kills!

Seamless changes

This weekend we officially changed hosting services for the website. Thankfully when the domain changed over to the new host everything was running flawlessly. Hopefully we’ll see less down time and database load errors with our new service compared to Networksolutions. Only time will tell, but so far has been incredibly easy to work with. They have great support for exporting and importing databases from different hosts, which was something I’ve never done before. The prices aren’t too bad either. Anyways, I’d like to thank iCup for helping me go over the website to make sure everything was working.

Also, I know the images on the teamspeak walk through are down, and that’s only because they’re out of date and have the wrong information on them. I’ll fix it and post the new steps once I find the time/will to do it.

The forums are now functioning at 100% as well so please get some use out of them!

And now some Evangelion AMV: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons – JUST BECAUSE!

FFXIV information round up

Time is ticking down and we are getting closer and closer to the official release (Aug.27th). For this blog post I will Highlight some of the important dates/things in general that you should know before hopping in to Phase 4/Early Access.
The Across Free Company/Linkshell will be moving to Diabolos, if you are planning on playing with us please keep that in mind.

If you have not already, I highly suggest downloading Team Speak 3 and getting use to it (TS is not a requirement but it is extremely helpful for coordination)

Since the end of Phase three SE had posted on the beta forums “*Along with the completion of the beta test phase 3, the test client download is no longer available. The beta test client up until phase 3 will no longer come in use so please uninstall it from your system. The test client download for phase 4 will be announced at a later time.” IF you want to save your screenshots/saved character data(its appearance) then go to document > my games > FFXIV beta > copy your screenshot folder > copy the folders named FFXIV_CHR##############.

August 1st is the projected date for the “stand alone” character creator so fret not! If your are one of those OCD character creators (Excel) then this should give you plenty of time to get the look you want.

August 8th is the next Live letter where they are suppose to give us the start date of Phase 4 (Most likely going to start the following day which is a Friday)

Arcanist/Summoner/Jobs will all be included in Phase 4. This should add a bit of diversity to leveling up for the 5th+ time.

Characters created in Phase 4 WILL BE CARRIED OVER (unless they discover a game breaking bug) so be careful how you spend your time in Phase 4.

When the servers do go up and we have a list of the “officer” tiered members of the Free company we will post the list on the blog for those of you joining us and wanting an invite (can just shoot someone a message or hop in TS and ask).

As a side note, I will be doing my best to stream the game when I can (if NDA is lifted in Phase 4). I will continue the stream into the release and see where that goes, if you would like to follow the channel the URL is here

That wraps up the info I have for you all now, I look forward to seeing you all in the next beta phase!