Camping Trip

I know a few of us discussed a camping trip this summer with the whole group, so I wanted to put something on here for people to look at and think about at their leisure as summer looms closer. If you can write back so we can all get an idea of what we want, it would make a second camping trip much easier.

1) Who is interested in a camping trip? (Keep in mind, this will be in northern/central California)

2) When should it be/when can you go?

3) Where would it be? Any suggestions?


p.s. Hopefully we won’t get attacked by a mountain lion again.

As the blog comments get deleted after a certain amount of time, please post all comments regarding the trip on the “Camping Trip” Topic on the forums.

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  1. Love the picture lol. Made me laugh so hard at work. I wanted to leave comments on the forums for the answers to the questions, but can’t find the topic! i will go bug excel 🙂

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