Our community is built around stable and generally non-drama oriented personalities. To reinforce our ideals we acknowledge the following:

  • We are lenient on outbursts from time to time, but we are in this for fun. Constant NERD RAGE will not be tolerated. [You can get angry; Just keep your shrieking off Teamspeak]
  • Gaming can be your life; just don’t get upset if you find out that it is not ours.
  • We have zero tolerance for manipulative conduct.
  • We consider ourselves a safe community; we are sensitive to sexual harassment or excessive verbal abuse. We strive to be a community where everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable.
  • We recognize that every person is different and each with their own strong suits. We accept that people are better than others at certain tasks and roles. We do not believe that anyone is better than someone else regarding race or creed.
  • We are an Adult gamer community. We do not want children. You can be young and if you are mature and a decent player we can look the other way, but no children. This also applies to children that are old enough to legally purchase their own liquor.
  • Maturity will always outweigh ability.
  • Substance usage; We don’t care. You are an adult and you are responsible for your own actions. It’s your life. Just don’t try to make it part of ours. [We don’t want to hear about what you smoked or how much of it you smoked]
  • Members must be able to exercise restraint and composure.
  • We will not cheat.

We follow basic general rules which may only apply when certain game mechanics are in place such as loot systems that implement rolling. Any item you earn with winning rolls is yours unless said item was stated as a goal drop for another person in the party during the creation of the party.
If you hear of other members receiving free items and missed out please remember, items are distributed through availability, timing and opportunity.
We encourage members to use Teamspeak. The program is simple, low on system resources and there is very little excuse as a gamer not to utilize such a critical tool.

The unsightly truth is that we are crude, indelicate, and brash. We curse, we drink, we haze, we abuse, and we love each other for it. We are human, and if you think you can come down to our level then you should fit right in.