FFXIV Beta P3 Auto level NPCs

For those who don’t know there are NPC’s that will auto level all the classes to 15 as long as you are far enough in the main story (I believe you need to be in the Grand Company for them to work). Below is the list that I snagged from reddit a few weeks ago.

Swaenhylt in Camp Drybone(Eastern Thanalan) for Thaumaturge
Wihtred in Hyrstmill(North Shroud) for Conjurer
Aniud in Hawthorne Hut(East Shroud) above the town for Lancer
Chechezan in Horizon Camp(Western Thanalan) for Gladiator
Zacheus in Little Solace (East Shroud) for Archer
Urswyrst in Moraby Drydocks(Lower Noscea) outside gate near Chocobo Porter for Marauder
Adelard at the South Hammer(Western Thanalan)(20,27) for Pugilist

Keep in mind you need to have that class active to auto level it, just talk to the NPC and ask to receive their blessing.

Also don’t forget you can auto level from 26-29 by speaking to the “knowledge keeper” outside any of the Grand Companies. You must be level 26 and have done the instance “a thousand maws of toto-rak”

See you this beta phase folks!