As stated previously the FFXIV Open Beta is scheduled to begin this weekend. Those who participated in previous betas will gain access to the open beta at 2am PST/PDT on the 16th this Friday. If you are participating for the first time for the Open Beta you be able to access the servers at 2am PST/PDT on the 17th this Saturday. The Open Beta will end on the 19th. Download the latest Phase 4 Client

The characters created during this beta will carry over and be playable for launch on the 27th. For those that pre-ordered you will be able to resume playing on your character on the 24th for early access.

Across will be on the Diablos server for Open Beta and launch. Feel free to jump on our teamspeak and say hello. We look forward to playing with you!

A new Final Fantasy XIV video from the SquareEnix of Japan Blog has been posted at the top of the page. Please enjoy. Also a new question captcha has been put in place to hopefully lower the amount of spambot sign ups. They’re simple questions that you just answer plainly in all lowercase letters. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!