Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn 2.5 January 20th!

  Are you getting psyched?! The Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn 2.5 was announced for release on January 20th! Check out the preliminary patch notes here!   Across will be attempting to ramp up recruiting again during this patch release so get ready!

Recruiting Update!

Welcome new friends! Across is now on the hunt for eager new players exploring FFXIV! With the shift in recent activity on the server, we have opened our doors and are inviting in preparation for new content.  Everyone has been given the power to invite to the Free Company at this time to help bolster our numbers. Much of our attention has gone to new players just getting their feet wet, but… Read More

Free Company Togetherness!

Oats here! Many people have given me feedback in game that we don’t do enough as a Free Company. In order to plan out organized raids/events, I need to know when people are available! I’m requesting two types of availability: 1. When can you be available if called upon for raiding 2. Normal playing hours (if any) 3. How much time do you play/want to play FFXIV? 4. Special circumstances/requests Where can… Read More

Final Fantasy XIV 2.2 – Through the Maelstrom Patch notes

Quick C&P of the patch notes for those who are too lazy to look them up. Final Fantasy XIV 2.2 – Through the Maelstrom Patch notes: Confirmed for 2.2 New Coil turns which drops new Allagan gear [source] Leviathan (hard mode and extreme) [source] [2] 1 new dungeon (ruins of amdapor) [source] 2 new hard mode dungeons: Brayflox + Halatali [source] New Hildebrand story [source] New story missions, probably leading up to Leviathan. (source needed) Extreme mode King Moogle [source] Kobold… Read More

Belated Turn 5 The Binding Coil of Bahamut Downed!

2/25/2014 Turn 5 The Binding Coil of Bahamut was downed by an all Across run!

Final Fantasy XIV Housing Slideshow

We sure have had a fun time working hard to make our FC’s housing looking unique. Here is a fun slideshow I put together highlighting our progress and the fun process that we have had making the housing our home!