Back in the Game

Across is back in FFXIV for Stormblood!    

FFXIV Update!

So awhile back we moved to Excalibur.  We don’t really have a Free Company anymore… It’s more like, we have a raid group with a linkshell. We wen’t on our bi-annual camping trip which was really awesome!  We got to see some old and new faces which was a blast 🙂   It seems as though Across is in disarray with the absence of a new MMO and the void that has… Read More

Across Status Update

April: Diabolos population takes a huge dip in activity, the search begins for greener pastures. May: Across switches servers to Excalibur and sets shop as a linkshell allowing the community to branch out into different free companies and establish a new social network on the server. June: Expansion Patch 3.0 hits! Awesome! July: Across camping trip at Patrick’s Point State Park California: 15 attendees from across the U.S hailing from as far… Read More

Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn 2.5 January 20th!

  Are you getting psyched?! The Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn 2.5 was announced for release on January 20th! Check out the preliminary patch notes here!   Across will be attempting to ramp up recruiting again during this patch release so get ready!

Recruiting Update!

Welcome new friends! Across is now on the hunt for eager new players exploring FFXIV! With the shift in recent activity on the server, we have opened our doors and are inviting in preparation for new content.  Everyone has been given the power to invite to the Free Company at this time to help bolster our numbers. Much of our attention has gone to new players just getting their feet wet, but… Read More

Recruiting has begun!

Recruiting Ver.2 in Final Fantasy XIV has begun!   We are now on the hunt for a limited amount of players with the skills to play FFXIV. Our new strategy is finding players by testing their skills beforehand. Say hello to our newest member Nexah!  Hopefully more to come in the next few weeks 🙂