FFXIV Beta sign ups and Opening CS are here!

As the title states today Square opened up the beta application site for FFXIV which can be accessed here.

Make sure when signing up to fill out the survey again and apply.

Be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out on your chance to play before the games release. From previous articles it seems like the beta is still scheduled to take part in February

The opening CS can be found below, most of it is from the “end of an era” video posted awhile ago with a few minutes of new footage.

Doctrine revised

Our doctrine has been rewritten from salvaged snippets on old recruiting forum posts and revised from what Across the legion stood for, to what Across the Gaming Community stands for now. Our doctrine is our principles, a way of letting others know who we are, and something we aspire to become. It will continue to grow and change with us as time goes on. It is an incredibly flawed document that complements us, and I welcome any suggested additions or changes to help it better represent us.

Read it here.