No Shave Novembeard 2013

No Shave November



Join us!

Post pictures on the forums/facebook and keep everyone up to date with your progress!

All you have to do is not shave for the month of November!

Wow your family with your new found manliness on Thanksgiving!

Use it to help you stare people down at the stores during Black Friday!

Save money on scarfs this winter with your own natural face heater!

Tons of benefits and nothing to lose!

No Shave Novembeard – It’s cold outside, so why not cover up in the manliest way possible?

Across Camping Trip 2.0

It's a lion!

This weekend some of the Across members will be meeting up for a group camping trip, myself included. While we’ll be out on the California summer beaches drinking and trying to make computers out of sand (because that’s how it works right?) – a lucky few will stil be around to enjoy the FFXIV phase 3 beta and show everyone the ropes. So no need to be worried about going it alone this weekend.

As for the rest of us, if we survive this trip, we’ll all be back in time for the next beta weekend. And just a reminder for those of you going on the trip…

-Moutain Lions

Have a good weekend!

Camping Trip Update

Hey everyone, so I’ve done a little research and I decided to tenatively set a location and date for the Camping Trip to see what kind of response I’d get.

Dillon’s Beach-Lawson’s Landing
Friday-Sunday June 21-23
It’s $30 per night, per campground. A second car is $20 a night, and campsites are maxed at 10 people. The only problem I forsee is if we have more than like 8, we might have to get a second campground, as you can’t have a third car.

The campground is basic accomidations, we’ll be roughing it in the sand, no showers, questionable water, etc.
We can bring a large truck and pack camping gear and whatnot, and I’ve been informed that I can get some firewood from my dad for the trip as well.

If you are coming out of state or more than a few hours from Sac, we can make plans to give you a ride and put you up for a night or so to make it easier.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested, as I have to make reservations.

The site, if you are interested in the details:
Lawson’s Landing Website


Wintersday and more coming to Guild Wars 2

The Eggman Cometh!

Citizens of Tyria, start having those feelings of cheer! The time of Wintersday is upon us this year!

What is there to look forward to you ask? Why it’s all on the event page, you silly dolyak.

Toymaker Tixx will be visiting all of the good girls and boys, stopping at each racial city, and offering everyone unique toys. There will also be events both fun and engaging, and even the djinn Zommoros is getting in on the celebrating. He will have access to choirs and a PvP snowball fight, as well as a new jumping puzzle for those with feet that are light.

But that is not all my fellow players, for Arenanet has some changes for the WvWers. As announced on the forums, they’re making things more accessible, with Breakout events to help disadvantaged players assemble. They will also be punishing disconnectors, and those who Alt+F4 will now only be rewarded with their own whimpers.

That is only the tip of the iceberg for what is in store. So what are you waiting on? Oh right, the event to begin. What a chore.

The Lost Shores Poster

So some people may have noticed a poster in Lion’s Arch with very tiny letters that aren’t English letters. After looking through the forums, someone managed to translate the Krytan alphabet into English. Curae.1837 has done some nice work with the help of Brimstone.3706 to translate the entire poster!

It reads:

Ahoy all ye landlubbers
The hardworking members of the consortium
are proud to accounce the upcoming unveiling
of your dream vacation! Coming soon we will
open te gate – the asuragate connecting
Lion’s Arch to a veritable tropical paradise
of magificent proportions.
Swim in radiant waters!
Relax on the beach!
Dance the night away!
Prepare to hoist your jolly roger
and to embark on a most majestic
adventure with your favourite
band of salty dogs!
arr you ready?
[ Many thanks to Drake Brimstone.3706 for the rest of the text ]
*Towels not included. The Consortium cannot be held responsible for aquatic related and rhythmic related injuries
(or other injuries related to misadventure or otherwise general buffoonary). Our medical staff will be on call to
Happily ignore your needs should they inevitably arise.