A brief history of Across

 by Excel

Across officially formed on September 22, 2009 with the launch of the NCsoft MMORPG Aion. Across achieved Aion’s ultimate game objective of controlling the main PVP fortress “Divine Fortress” June 11th 2011. In November of 2011 Across left Aion to pursue new challenges.

In December 2011 Across entered Star Wars Online The Old Republic Alpha/Beta and played well into Launch. In March 2012 Across jettisoned from SWTOR.

In March 2012 Across committed to TERA’s Alpha/Beta and continued to play well after Launch. in July(?) 2012 Across walked away from Tera.

In July/August(?) 2012 Across tried Guildwars 2, in November 2012 Across had achieved Guildwar 2’s main objective: Get the “Abyss Dye.”

December of 2012 a select few members entered the Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn Alpha. From there members were slowly granted access and interest continued to grow. When the open Beta started Across hit the ground running searching for every reason why this game would fail. Fortunately, nothing was observed that couldn’t be overcome. FFXIV:ARR officially launched August 27, 2013. Across is still playing.