Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter


Earlier this year I ran across a neat 20 minuet anime called Little Witch Academia. I immediately posted the video here and told everyone to STOP EVERYTHING AND WATCH THIS SWEET AND ACTION-PACKED SHORT ANIME – LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA. This show had a very indie feel to it due that it was hand drawn. It oozed style and was very entertaining, in fact, I may just watch it again after I finish this up ( I’ll post it on the bottom ) – but before that; The Studio TRIGGER, that’s behind this short is doing a Kickstarter campaign to start production of Little Witch Academia 2. They’re one day in and have already smashed their goal of $150,000 with as little as 3,000 pledges. “So they’ve met their goal, there’s going to be a second one, that’s great!” – WAIT! – They can still get more money and possibly make a 3rd, or 4th, or hell! Even a series! Also they have some neat swag too, I tossed in $50 to get a blu-ray copy and an art book. You can donate for a lot less and get a digital download or a special thanks in the credits, etc. But in order to get that you need to donate! It was a great short and I expect even better quality with the next, so if you watched it and thought it was entertaining then please show your support!