Across is a community of gamers from all walks of life, casual, mid-core, to hardcore. We are all here to have fun and so should you. We understand that the time spent with us in games is your personal time and we will do our best not to waste it. You are responsible for your own fun. We will always do our best to coordinate and group with each other, but do not expect everyone to drop their current activities to accommodate you. If you need help with anything we will do our best, but help may take time, others are in this to enjoy their personal time as well. We pride ourselves on open communication. Any issue that can and will arise, we will address as quickly as possible to come to a reasonable resolve. Across members are people who are innovative, voice new ideas and strategies as well as listen. Our goal is to always excel in whatever games we play. We aim for maximum fun with maximum result. The higher we climb the more time we have to contemplate our next attempt as we fall. The harder the goal the grander the victory, and if you just want to screw around and chat that’s fine too.

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