Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter


Earlier this year I ran across a neat 20 minuet anime called Little Witch Academia. I immediately posted the video here and told everyone to STOP EVERYTHING AND WATCH THIS SWEET AND ACTION-PACKED SHORT ANIME – LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA. This show had a very indie feel to it due that it was hand drawn. It oozed style and was very entertaining, in fact, I may just watch it again after I finish this up ( I’ll post it on the bottom ) – but before that; The Studio TRIGGER, that’s behind this short is doing a Kickstarter campaign to start production of Little Witch Academia 2. They’re one day in and have already smashed their goal of $150,000 with as little as 3,000 pledges. “So they’ve met their goal, there’s going to be a second one, that’s great!” – WAIT! – They can still get more money and possibly make a 3rd, or 4th, or hell! Even a series! Also they have some neat swag too, I tossed in $50 to get a blu-ray copy and an art book. You can donate for a lot less and get a digital download or a special thanks in the credits, etc. But in order to get that you need to donate! It was a great short and I expect even better quality with the next, so if you watched it and thought it was entertaining then please show your support!


Youtube channels first video

Since our youtube channel was bare I decided to get some footage of myself playing Osu, a quite interesting free to play rhythm game.  You can check it out below, and of course if you have not subscribed to our youtube channel I suggest you do so as I will try my best to put up some videos.