Doctrine revised

Our doctrine has been rewritten from salvaged snippets on old recruiting forum posts and revised from what Across the legion stood for, to what Across the Gaming Community stands for now. Our doctrine is our principles, a way of letting others know who we are, and something we aspire to become. It will continue to grow and change with us as time goes on. It is an incredibly flawed document that complements us, and I welcome any suggested additions or changes to help it better represent us.

Read it here.

The Lost Shores Poster

So some people may have noticed a poster in Lion’s Arch with very tiny letters that aren’t English letters. After looking through the forums, someone managed to translate the Krytan alphabet into English. Curae.1837 has done some nice work with the help of Brimstone.3706 to translate the entire poster!

It reads:

Ahoy all ye landlubbers
The hardworking members of the consortium
are proud to accounce the upcoming unveiling
of your dream vacation! Coming soon we will
open te gate – the asuragate connecting
Lion’s Arch to a veritable tropical paradise
of magificent proportions.
Swim in radiant waters!
Relax on the beach!
Dance the night away!
Prepare to hoist your jolly roger
and to embark on a most majestic
adventure with your favourite
band of salty dogs!
arr you ready?
[ Many thanks to Drake Brimstone.3706 for the rest of the text ]
*Towels not included. The Consortium cannot be held responsible for aquatic related and rhythmic related injuries
(or other injuries related to misadventure or otherwise general buffoonary). Our medical staff will be on call to
Happily ignore your needs should they inevitably arise.



The Lost Shores Event

The Lost Shores event starts friday, and it looks pretty legit.  Defend Lions Arch, go to the new map and beat some karka ass, and dive into the new dungeon (for lvl 80’s)!

What I think we should be interested in the most as semi-hardcore Acrossians is the new “Ascend” gear.  This gear is pink in color and has substantially better stats than the normal gear.  We will only be able to score a ring and a back slot accessory version of this new gear for the time being, but it sure as hell looks worth it.  Here is a side by side that was on the GW2 wiki showing the difference in stats from exotic to ascend gear.

Ascend Gear Comparison

It’s time to take our superior dungeon skills to the new dungeon >:D