Wintersday and more coming to Guild Wars 2

The Eggman Cometh!

Citizens of Tyria, start having those feelings of cheer! The time of Wintersday is upon us this year!

What is there to look forward to you ask? Why it’s all on the event page, you silly dolyak.

Toymaker Tixx will be visiting all of the good girls and boys, stopping at each racial city, and offering everyone unique toys. There will also be events both fun and engaging, and even the djinn Zommoros is getting in on the celebrating. He will have access to choirs and a PvP snowball fight, as well as a new jumping puzzle for those with feet that are light.

But that is not all my fellow players, for Arenanet has some changes for the WvWers. As announced on the forums, they’re making things more accessible, with Breakout events to help disadvantaged players assemble. They will also be punishing disconnectors, and those who Alt+F4 will now only be rewarded with their own whimpers.

That is only the tip of the iceberg for what is in store. So what are you waiting on? Oh right, the event to begin. What a chore.

New look at FFXIV Questing and Combat

A new video just came out detailing the new questing and combat systems in Final Fantasy XIV 2.0.  Everything looks to be at a much faster pace than before and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on it.




Release date is still unknown, projections are spring of 2013.

Doctrine revised

Our doctrine has been rewritten from salvaged snippets on old recruiting forum posts and revised from what Across the legion stood for, to what Across the Gaming Community stands for now. Our doctrine is our principles, a way of letting others know who we are, and something we aspire to become. It will continue to grow and change with us as time goes on. It is an incredibly flawed document that complements us, and I welcome any suggested additions or changes to help it better represent us.

Read it here.

Happy Halloween

Master Cheif vs Samus

Master Cheif vs Samus
Master Cheif vs Samus
Here are the pumpkins Excel and I carved this year.  I call this one “Master Chief vs Samus”.  In case you don’t recognize them…  Master Chief (left) – Samus Aran (right).

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you hop on to GW2 and check out the great events that A-net has put together for the community.  Costume brawls, pumpkin carving, jumping puzzles and more.