Across Camping Trip 2.0 (Quest Completed)

The Across camping trip photos are up!  Check them out on our Facebook:

There is also a video taken on the beach.  Watch Monk and several other Across members take the man test in the cold coastal waters of northern California!

Thanks to all that participated in this years trip.  And a special thanks to Eve and Excel for all  the hard work they put into making this a great experience!


Happy Halloween

Master Cheif vs Samus

Master Cheif vs Samus
Master Cheif vs Samus
Here are the pumpkins Excel and I carved this year.  I call this one “Master Chief vs Samus”.  In case you don’t recognize them…  Master Chief (left) – Samus Aran (right).

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you hop on to GW2 and check out the great events that A-net has put together for the community.  Costume brawls, pumpkin carving, jumping puzzles and more.