Recruiting has begun!

Recruiting Ver.2 in Final Fantasy XIV has begun!


We are now on the hunt for a limited amount of players with the skills to play FFXIV.

Our new strategy is finding players by testing their skills beforehand.

Say hello to our newest member Nexah!  Hopefully more to come in the next few weeks 🙂

Archeblade Open Beta!

Archeblade Wallpaper

Codebrush Games has released Archeblade Open Beta on Steam for free! This game is reminiscent of Rakion. Pick a fighter and beat the snot out of all your friends in free for all or death match! This game uses combos based off of the mouse and keyboard in order to execute moves that devastate opponents. The game is fairly rough right now but updates are coming in fast! I definitely recommend giving this one a try. A few regular Across members have been playing it together and it’s been a really great experience. Join in on the teamspeak and play it today!

This game can be found under the free to play games section of Steam.

How to Throw Grenades

So I get asked every few days what I use when I say, “I’m using the combat mod in gw2”. Instead of explaining what it is and why its useful every time, I am posting this video to show what it does. Its useful for AoE’s (like grenades) when you want to spam the hell out of them, because you have a quick point of reference (the crosshair) and you only have to hit the AoE button once. Arena Net has not approved this mod officially, but they have “approved to share” the mod. This is Arena Net’s way of saying that they can’t say its okay (as it breaks ToS) but that they aren’t going to prevent it from being used. I have personally been using this mod for months now with no repercussions. If you want to try the mod, there is a link to the original reddit post in the youtube description with the details on how to set it up properly.