Three Must-See Quake III Matches Of QuakeCon 2013

This year’s QuakeCon kicked off yesterday, not just with John Carmack’s annual marathon keynote, but with some skillful Quake III duels.

In the finals of the winners’ bracket, two American gaming veterans, SK’s rapha and Evil Geniuses’ DaHanG, played a best-of-three on three different maps (dm13 never gets old!). They showed off some serious mind games and skill. We’ve got all three matches for you to watch here. The grand finals will happen later this weekend.

Quake III is almost as old as eSports itself, so the fact that it’s still alive—this weekend will be full of Quake madness—and evolves is just amazing. I can’t get enough of these super-precise railgun kills!

Seamless changes

This weekend we officially changed hosting services for the website. Thankfully when the domain changed over to the new host everything was running flawlessly. Hopefully we’ll see less down time and database load errors with our new service compared to Networksolutions. Only time will tell, but so far has been incredibly easy to work with. They have great support for exporting and importing databases from different hosts, which was something I’ve never done before. The prices aren’t too bad either. Anyways, I’d like to thank iCup for helping me go over the website to make sure everything was working.

Also, I know the images on the teamspeak walk through are down, and that’s only because they’re out of date and have the wrong information on them. I’ll fix it and post the new steps once I find the time/will to do it.

The forums are now functioning at 100% as well so please get some use out of them!

And now some Evangelion AMV: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons – JUST BECAUSE!

Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter


Earlier this year I ran across a neat 20 minuet anime called Little Witch Academia. I immediately posted the video here and told everyone to STOP EVERYTHING AND WATCH THIS SWEET AND ACTION-PACKED SHORT ANIME – LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA. This show had a very indie feel to it due that it was hand drawn. It oozed style and was very entertaining, in fact, I may just watch it again after I finish this up ( I’ll post it on the bottom ) – but before that; The Studio TRIGGER, that’s behind this short is doing a Kickstarter campaign to start production of Little Witch Academia 2. They’re one day in and have already smashed their goal of $150,000 with as little as 3,000 pledges. “So they’ve met their goal, there’s going to be a second one, that’s great!” – WAIT! – They can still get more money and possibly make a 3rd, or 4th, or hell! Even a series! Also they have some neat swag too, I tossed in $50 to get a blu-ray copy and an art book. You can donate for a lot less and get a digital download or a special thanks in the credits, etc. But in order to get that you need to donate! It was a great short and I expect even better quality with the next, so if you watched it and thought it was entertaining then please show your support!


Letter from producer Live VII

The letter from producer LIVE VII was this morning and offered up a surplus of information. If you wish to read all of the translated questions/answers then you can go here

Short Summary;
Though I do not speak Japanese I was able to find a live stream that did a decent enough job of giving a rough translation, below is some key notes of what I see as being important:

1) Scholar was confirmed to be the 8th JOB in the game (the starting class has not been announced however people believe it will be Arcanist {meaning that class could branch off into Summoner or Scholar}) – More on Scholar will be announced at E3, where Square is planning to have live streams.

2) Phase 3 beta is projected to start June 14th if all goes well, it was stated in the live letter that the start of the beta phase will be set to weekends like previous tests however they plan to make them run for longer later on in Phase 3

3) They showed off some footage of the “duty finder” aka dungeon finder, however most of this was difficult for the translator to translate. From what I got out of it you are able to select the role you wish to play and queue for an instance/quest/fate – you are also able to filter by language if you so choose to and when using the duty finder you will have a level sync to [I believe] the lowest member of the part.

4) Worlds from the 1.0 version will remain as “Legacy servers” where all the Legacy people can go to play, this will also be indicated by a tag next to the server name. It was stated that legacy members can not play on a new server for fear of ruining the economy. As for new servers, they stated to keep an eye out for more information in the developers blog.

5) Chocobo “buddies” will be available for Phase 3, it was noted that if you play as a summoner and have a summon like Carbuncle out then you will still be able to summon the chocobo. To summon the chocobo to fight you use the typical Gyashl Greens.

6) Musketeer is still getting the shaft, no new info on that class

7) For melding materia to your gear (gives bonus stats) the only class that can meld them are classes that can repair the gear type i.e weaver for your cloth gear ect.

At the end of the live letter they displayed the newly released skills video which can be found below: