Teamspeak 3

Teamspeak 3 Across Server Quick Connect:

Password: across

If you are unsure how to connect to a server using teamspeak follow the guide below:

How to connect to a Teamspeak 3 server
This basic tutorial is to show someone how to put in their information and log in to their selected server.

Step Zero: Go to and download and install a client suitable to your operating system.

Step One: Double-click your TeamSpeak 3 Icon on your Desktop to open up the Teamspeak 3 client.

Step Two: Once the Teamspeak 3 Client is open on the top left of the Teamspeak 3 client click on “Connections” and then click “Connect”(Ctrl+S) it is the first option on the drop down box.

Step Three: After you go to “Connections” and the “Connect” – a small control panel asking for a Address(Server address/IP:Port), Nickname (Can be anything you want), Password (Our server requires a password, if you connect to another server that doesn’t have a password don’t put one in)

Step Four: Then fill in all the information with the following:
Server Address:
Password: across
Nickname: Put in what ever you want.

Step Five: You can hit the “Connect” button at the bottom of the panel now to connect to your server, or if you are already connected to a server and don’t want to disconnect from it, click the “In New Tab” button to open another Teamspeak 3 server connection in a new tab so you can access both servers at once.

You are now connected to the Across Teamspeak Server!

Step Six: Now that you are connected to the server on the top left of the Teamspeak 3 client click on “Bookmarks” and then click “Add to Bookmarks” it is the first option on the drop down box

Step Seven: After you go to “Bookmarks” and the “Add to Bookmarks” a small control panel will appear with the server infomation already pre-generated. Click on “Ok” to save the server information to your bookmarks.

Step Eight: Now whenever you start up Teamspeak go to Bookmarks and select “ACROSS” to automatically connect to the server.